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“There is no best but better”. Any kind of product has no permanent usability; and is finally overthrown because of impractical design, so improvement is done constantly. China has been troubled by several hang-ups in special goods transportation ever since 1992. After more than ten times of trail manufacture in nearly three years, we have made a 10-meter back-tipping dumper successfully, which has a beloid carriage with a low load center of gravity designed according to the principle of triangle. When being lift, the carriage will not deviate from the center-of-gravity position and not tip over to one side; the specially made oil cylinder (Φ214㎜) can finish a lifting weight of 120T maximally. We also adopt an advanced mechanical device exclusively and locked back door, so that the back door will never be damaged when unloading goods, and thus reduce maintenance cost and time accordingly. The change of standard size in NDRC’s vehicle policy more highlights the advantages of this product. Large volume can better meet and facilitate the practical use of the transportation industry (standard vehicle can reach 45 m3 maximally and non-standard ones reach 70m3). It exceeds the 25m3 of volume of the 8x4 dump trucks and overcomes economic loss led by high side tipping gravity center and easy turnover of 13m trucks, so it is a good substitute product of them. In order to protect its design performance, the company makes related standard and applies for the patent right (Patent No.: 200720030248.8 200720030247.3), so as to guarantee the product’s standard service life better (service life can reach 10 or more years). The product will give play to its product advantages during transportation and bring huge economic benefits for transportation users. Pneumatic vibrating devices can be installed according to users’ actual situation and different goods, sticky substances and suspended mixture, so as to solve the fault of dumpers – cannot unload cleanly.
Special Declaration: The counterfeit must be prosecuted. Our company leadership, together with all the staff, warmly welcomes both old and new customers for guidance, negotiation and common development! The company is sincerely recruiting "intelligent conveyor belt dumper (patented product) project" agents everywhere!
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