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Comparison of dump truck

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Comparison of Dump Trucks
Intelligent Conveyor Belt Unloading Vehicle
Patented Product Counterfeit Will Be Sued

Registration NO. :2014101513387

Product introduction:
Intelligent conveyor belt unloading vehicle is a new type of self-discharging vehicle developed and manufactured by our company, which has been granted the national invention patent.This product completely conforms to the announcement standard, has solved difficulty question like registration and examination;This product combines the advantages of quick unloading of the rear dump truck and large loading of the side dump truck, avoiding the disadvantages of traditional dump truck, such as easy turning over, buried tires of the goods, and side flap easily deformation.This product has the advantages of high safety coefficient, light self-weight, high degree of automation, simple operation, no need for secondary investment in the short term and so on, which solves the problems of car owners, difficult maintenance and high maintenance costs.Suitable for bulk transportation of sand, coal, grain, construction waste, porcelain clay, etc.

1. Safety comparison


Conveyor unloading procedure

Side dump truck unloading procedure

(1)Open back door inside cab
(2)Operate conveying system inside cab
(3)Close back door inside cab
(1)Get off to open flap
(2)Get on to operate hydraulic system to unloading.
(3)Get off to operate the shift top
(4)Get on to remove truck
(5)Get off to close flap

Economic efficiency
Take a car that carries 100 tons of cargo
Self-weight of conveyor belt =15 tons lateral self-weight =22 tons rear self-weight =25 tons
Comparison between side flip semitrailer and conveyor belt unloading:
22-15=7 tons 7 tons *6 times =42 tons
42 tons *20 yuan =840 yuan per ton freight
840 yuan *30 days =25200 yuan per month for 30 days
$25,200 *10 months = $252,000 per year for 10 months of attendance
Comparison between rear half suspension and conveyor belt unloading:
25 to 15=10 tons 10 tons *6 times =60 tons
60 tons *20=1200 yuan per ton freight
1200 yuan *30 days = 36,000 yuan at 30 days per month
$36,000 *10 months = $360,000 per year for 10 months of attendance
Economic benefits can not be comparable, every year compared with the side tipping self-unloading saves the tire, saves the time of unloading
The single conveyor belt dumper is 9.6 meters long, 2 meters high or 2.4 meters high, and weighs 4-6 tons lighter than the single dumper. The ordinary dump carriage can only reach 22 tons due to its stability, and the rollover rate is very high.