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SHANDONG JILU automobile modification co., LTD is located in DAXINDIAN industrial park of PENGLAI city, a beautiful and pleasant world wonderland.40 km east of YANTAI port and railway station;20 km north from PENGLAI port;30km west of LONGKOU port; RONGWU expressway passes through the door, and it will reach  to PENGLAI international airport within ten minutes which only 10 kilometers away from the company, enjoying the convenience by land, by sea and by air.As a private independent company was founded in year 2007, under the guidance of the chairman and general manager Mr Dong-wen Wang, the company has developed into an area of more than 100 acres, more than 200 employees, annual vehicle industrial capacity of 5000 sets of vehicles refitting enterprise.Products are exported to Mongolia, the united Arab emirates, Nigeria and other countries and 50 provinces and autonomous regions.
The professional technical team and the highly skilled blue-collar team who are good at communication and brave in innovation are the source of the company's innovation and development.The continuous improvement of 3C certification system and advanced processing and testing equipment and facilities is a strong guarantee for product quality.
In the face of increasingly fierce of vehicles refitted market, the chairman and general manager Mr Dong-wen Wang has always been adhering to the concept of technological innovation, with sharp market insight and innovative spirit, leading the team cost three years research and development and after many times of trial and error of hundreds of car,finally successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights of national invention patent product in 2014  -- intelligent conveyor belt unloading vehicle.
The vehicle has five advantages:
1. Intelligent self-unloading: the driver controls the hydraulic operating system remotely through video monitoring system, so that the entire unloading process can be completed without getting off  the vehicle in the driving room
2. Safe and reliable: it can effectively avoid problems such as easy rollover of rear dump truck, buried tires of cargoes of side dump truck, easy deformation of side baffle, etc.
3. Quick and quick: the unloading time of the whole vehicle only takes 5-10 minutes. The hydraulic automatic rollover device set in the carriage can easily realize zero residue of unloading materials.
4. Wide application: the length of box body can be set as 8-13 meters, the height of box body is 1.8-2.2 meters, the outer width of box body is 2.55 meters, the inner width is 2.45 meters, and customized development can also be carried out according to the special requirements of customers.Besides the patent models with the BEIBEN,OMAN STEYR, DONGFEN, JIEFANG, etc. Series tractor and tractor with tonnage level or similar models of motor train, suitable for transportation of bulk cargo such as living garbage, sand, clay, coal, grain, salt, etc.
5. Considerable benefits: for example, if carrying 100 tons of cargo ,our car weight is15 tons, side-dumping weight is 22 tons,rear-dumping weight is 25 tons of weight, after the transportation six times per day, freight is 20 yuan per ton, 30 days a month, attendance 10 months each year, every year can save 252000 yuan and 360000 yuan respectively, that doesn't include safety factors which may lead to the cost of the loss.
Based on the status of the current domestic transport industry vigorously transfinite governance, JILU people in a short time successfully launched weight of 6.5 tons of super light intelligent conveyor unloading vehicle, can transport more cargo and light weight.
In October 2016, at the hannover refit auto show in Germany, the unique advantage of the intelligent transport and unload vehicle won unanimous praise from experts and customers.At present, a number of domestic enterprises and agents have established production and sales cooperation relations with our company. The JILU HENCHI intelligent conveyor belt unloading vehicle has been sold to more than 50 provinces and autonomous regions in China.
Customer first, attentive service is our forever adhere concept ;Innovative coordination and green opening is JILU people accumulated years of management philosophy.
The general manager Mr. Wang dong wen together with all staff  warmly welcome old and new customers guidance, and seek common development!!